Forgotten are the days when women’s hands were always busy washing laundry. Now it is enough to throw dirty things into the apparatus, and it will do everything. It’s a real tragedy when it breaks. If you live in San-Francisco and have problems with the unit, you can call our washer repair immediately. But we don’t want you to spend extra money. Therefore, we give you recommendations on how to clean washing machine and use it so that it lasts a long time and does not break.

washing machine applience repair

Operating rules

After unpacking the device, it should be carefully examined. Do not connect an electrical appliance with defects to the power supply. If you find them, you will need the help of a wizard. When installing and operating the unit, you should use the following rules:

    1. install the device on a flat and durable surface, adjust the legs in height;

    1. do not close the ventilation holes below;

    1. connecting to the network or replacing the cord entrust only to a qualified specialist of the service center;

    1. do not use extension cords;

    1. apply washing machine cleaning tablets;

    1. do not open the door with the use of force;

    1.  do not close access to the outlet;

    1. do not keep electric heating devices at the top;

    1. allow children to use the unit after 8 years and only under supervision.

Attention: never use a washing machine without a reliable grounding.

How correctly wash clothes

Regular cleaning of a washing machine is one of the conditions for its reliable operation. Compliance with the rules of cleaning largely determines the duration of the device. The person who regularly does laundry should remember the following rules:

    • sort laundry by materials, color, size;

    • empty pockets;

    • choose the right cycle, adjust the functions;

    • fasten zippers, buttons, tie ribbons and belts in knots;

    • put things one by one, do not overload, monitor the closing density of the door;

    • use the detergents, recommended by the manufacturer.


The washing machine is a reliable unit, but it needs constant care so as not to fail ahead of time. To prevent this, it must be properly maintained. The device needs to be periodically cleaned with a washing machine cleaner. It is necessary to clean the filters from time to time. After washing, the door seal should be wiped.

If you follow all the recommendations of specialists, your washing machine will delight you for a long time with clean linen with a pleasant smell. But if you need help, appliance repair is always at your service.

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Updated at: June 5, 2023