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Rely on our San Francisco team for professional microwave repair & maintenance. Local expertise, genuine parts, comprehensive services, and dedication to customer satisfaction. Trust us for exceptional microwave care in San Francisco Bay Area.

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Quick and efficient microwave repair services available.

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We understand the inconvenience of a broken microwave, which is why our team of experienced technicians is here to provide reliable and efficient repair services to get your microwave back up and running as quickly as possible.

At Appliances Giants, we specialize in repairing all major brands and models of microwaves, as well as cooktop. Whether your microwave is not heating up, making strange noises, or simply not functioning properly, or if you need cooktop repair, we have the knowledge and tools needed to diagnose and fix the problem. We use only high-quality parts and tools to ensure that your appliance is repaired to the highest standards.

We know that a broken microwave can be a major inconvenience, disrupting your daily routine and causing stress. That’s why we make it our priority to provide fast and efficient repair services to get your microwave up and running again as quickly as possible.

Our commitment to excellent customer service is what sets us apart. We specialize in appliance repair, including microwaves. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule, and our technicians will diagnose the problem and provide you with a clear explanation of the repair needed and associated costs. We believe in being transparent with our customers and will always seek your approval before starting any work.

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Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair any issue with your microwave, ensuring that it is functioning correctly and efficiently. Here are some of the microwave repair services that we provide:

  1. Microwave Installation: If you need a new microwave installed, our experienced technicians can help. We provide professional installation services to ensure that your microwave is installed correctly and safely.
  2. Microwave Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your microwave functioning correctly. Our technicians can provide maintenance services to keep your microwave in optimal condition.
  3. Microwave Repair: If your microwave is not functioning correctly, our technicians can diagnose and repair the issue quickly and efficiently. We use specialized tools and equipment to ensure that the repair is long-lasting.
  4. Microwave Replacement: If your microwave is beyond repair, we offer microwave replacement services. We provide a wide range of high-quality microwaves to choose from, and we can help you choose the best one for your needs.
  5. Microwave Parts Replacement: We provide microwave parts replacement services, including replacement of magnetrons, diodes, and other microwave components. We use high-quality parts to ensure that the replacement is long-lasting.

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Our process is straightforward, and we ensure that our clients have a stress-free experience. Here's how it works:

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Our team will provide you with a quote for the repairs, and we will schedule a convenient time for the service call.


Diagnose the Problem

Our technicians diagnose the problem with your microwave. Our experienced technicians use specialized tools and equipment to diagnose the problem quickly and accurately.


Repair the Microwave

Once the problem has been diagnosed, our technicians will begin the repair process. We use high-quality parts to ensure that the repair is long-lasting.


Testing and Inspection

After the repair has been completed, our technicians will test the microwave to ensure that it is running correctly.

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How do I know that my microwave needs to be repaired?

If you’re experiencing issues with your microwave, it may be time to schedule a repair appointment with a professional appliance repair service like Appliances Giants. Here are some common signs that your microwave may need to be repaired:

  1. Not Heating: If your microwave isn’t heating food or beverages, it may be a sign of a problem with the magnetron, high voltage diode, or transformer.
  2. Strange Noises: If your microwave is making unusual noises such as buzzing or humming, it may be a sign of an issue with the magnetron, fan motor, or turntable motor.
  3. Microwave Won’t Turn On: If your microwave won’t turn on, it may be a sign of an electrical issue or a malfunctioning control panel.
  4. Door Issues: If the door of your microwave isn’t closing properly, it may be a sign of a damaged latch, hinge, or seal.
  5. Sparks or Smoke: If you see sparks or smoke coming from your microwave, it is essential to turn off the microwave immediately and schedule a repair appointment with a professional appliance repair service like Appliances Giants.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to schedule a repair appointment with a professional appliance repair service like Appliances Giants. Delaying repairs can lead to further damage, resulting in costly replacements. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can diagnose and repair any problem with your microwave, ensuring that it is running smoothly once again.


Why Choose Us

At Appliances Giants, we offer reliable microwave repair services to get your appliance back up and running in no time. Our experienced technicians are equipped with the latest tools and technology to diagnose and fix any problem, regardless of the type of microwave oven you have. We understand the frustration that comes with a broken microwave, which is why we take pride in providing first-class customer service to make the repair process as easy and hassle-free as possible. From countertop to built-in and heavy-duty models, we have years of experience repairing all types of microwave ovens. Contact us today to schedule your repair and get your microwave working like new again.

The main problems of the microwave repair

Appliances Giants is committed to providing a wide range of microwave repair services to meet the needs of our San Francisco customers. Our skilled technicians are equipped to handle any microwave repair job, no matter the make or model. Here are some of the services we offer:

  1. Microwave not heating – Our technicians can diagnose and fix any issues with your microwave’s heating components, including the magnetron, diode, and capacitor.
  2. Broken microwave door – We can repair or replace your microwave’s door if it is cracked or broken, preventing it from functioning properly.
  3. Microwave turntable not rotating – If your microwave’s turntable is not spinning, we can inspect and repair any issues with the motor or drive mechanism.
  4. Strange noises or burning smell – If you notice any unusual noises or smells coming from your microwave, it may be a sign of a larger issue. Our technicians can identify the problem and fix it quickly.
  5. Microwave buttons not working – If your microwave’s buttons are unresponsive or not working, we can inspect and repair any issues with the control panel or circuit board.
  6. Sparking inside the microwave – This is a dangerous problem that requires immediate attention. Our technicians can inspect and repair any issues with the waveguide, magnetron, or other components to prevent potential hazards.

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional appliance repair services, whether it’s for your microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, or any other major appliance. Our experienced team understands the importance of a fully functional kitchen and the inconvenience of a faulty appliance. That’s why we are here to help you fix appliance issues efficiently and promptly.

We offer convenient scheduling and even same-day repair services to get your appliances back in working order as soon as possible. Trust our team of skilled technicians to restore the efficiency and convenience of your kitchen. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment for refrigerator repair or any other appliance repair service. We are committed to providing you with the best value for your money and will ensure that you receive the highest level of customer service. Contact us today to experience the peace of mind that comes with reliable and high-quality appliance repair services.


Can you repair a microwave oven?

If your microwave isn't heating food, it's likely that the magnetron in your appliance is broken. Unfortunately, a burned-out magnetron can't be repaired, it has to be replaced. Other issues that can lead to food not being heated, includes a broken diode or a faulty door switch.

What causes a microwave oven to stop working?

The most common cause for a microwave oven not working at all is a blown main fuse. The microwave main fuse will cut the flow of electricity if too much current passes through it.

Why do microwave magnetrons fail?

The most common cause of an overheating magnetron is when too much energy is reflected back into the device. This can happen when you run your microwave empty (something you should never do), or if the turntable has been removed.

What to do if microwave stops working?

Start by checking the wall plug to ensure the microwave is plugged into power. Next, check the door switch and the door latch assembly. The microwave won't start if the appliance believes the door is open. Next, check the two fuses, the thermal fuse, and the ceramic fuse, to see if they need to be replaced.

Do microwaves lose their power over time?

A microwave oven's power diminishes over time because its magnetron tube weakens. A magnetron tube is a high-voltage system that uses magnetic and electrical fields to create the oscillating waves that bounce around the oven and heat food.

What is the most common cause of microwave failure?

Most popular reason behind this issue is magnetron failure. A magnetron uses high voltage to produce microwave frequency to cook food. If the microwave is turned on when it is empty, this cause the magnetron to burn out. A burned magnetron has to be replaced as it cannot be repaired.

What does sensor error mean on a microwave?

The error message is caused by opening the microwave door too early when you are using the sensor cooking function. Removing the error message from the microwave display takes only a moment.

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