Appliances Giants in San Francisco can assist, our experienced oven technicians travel in fully stocked vehicles with spare parts including elements, oven door hinges, timers, and thermostats for many brands of electrical ovens to ensure your oven repair job is completed in the most efficient manner. We offer upfront pricing for all our repairs, so you know what you’re up for, no surprises or hidden charges. Plus, all our workmanship is 100% guaranteed, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re dealing with a well established, reputable company.

We fix Thermador range of issues including:

  •  faulty elements
  •  steam ovens
  •  oven timers
  •  thermostats
  •  oven door hinges
  •  broken door seals
  •  control knob replacements
  •  oven wiring checks

So if you have an oven in need of repair give our team a call; from conventional ovens, fan forced ovens to multi-function ovens. In most cases, repairing an oven, even when taking into account replacement parts, can be a lot cheaper and more cost-effective than replacing the oven.

Common Thermador Steam Oven problems in San Francisco

  •  The oven will not start or even heat up.
  •  Food is getting burnt, or the oven is not hot enough to cook properly.
  •  The oven is working but not heating up.
  •  Noisy oven
  •  The oven door will not close properly.
  •  The oven grill will work, but the oven won (or the other way around).
  •  The cupboard doors on either side of the oven are getting damaged, burnt or swelling.