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Commonplace Thermador Convection Oven Issues in San Francisco

Parts of the oven that affect the temperature include the baking element not working properly. Or the broil elements malfunctioning. The oven sensor and control board can also experience faults, allowing the temperature to be below or above the setting.

The broiling element is found at the top of the oven. Again, when working effectively, it should glow red. If it doesn’t, it will certainly be causing issues with the oven temperature.

When the oven sensor is experiencing difficulties, the temperature will also be impacted. You could use an ohmmeter to check the resistance – as the temperature rises, the reading should also increase. A problematic sensor will only show low-level readings.

If the oven control board is defective, it won’t be able to send the correct voltage through to both the baking and boiling elements. A delay in the relays will cause oven temperature issues.

All of these above problems can be diagnosed and fixed by an appliance repair technician.

The masters of the San Francisco Appliances Giants Repair company have the highest qualifications, perform a complete inspection and diagnosis of refrigerator malfunctions.