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Thermador Dishwasher Repair Problems in San Francisco

The common problems that arise with the Thermador dishwasher are partly because of the manner in which the Thermador dishwashers work.

  • Thermador dishwasher does not use the standard heating element to make the dishes dry. It uses the method of pulling moisture off of the dishes by condensing the water on the back wall. The issue with this method is that it can often leave the dishes still damp or even wet when the cycle is over.
  • The first is the timer motor, which causes the cycles to begin and end. If this part is malfunctioning, you may face washing and or cycle times taking a lot of time or getting over so quickly that the dishes are still dirty. Other issues in this part can lead to the dishwasher never draining out and getting overfilled.
  • Another major portion of the Thermador dishwasher is the sprayer arm. This could result in dirty dishes or dishes with soap remains. You need to make sure that all the holes are clear of buildup and are not being blocked by any large dish or pan which you may be trying to fit in the dishwasher.
  • The other common issue with this dishwasher is the problem of rusting. This can destroy the cleaning cycles, so you need to take care of this. If the racks have turned rusty, it is time to replace them.

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