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Replacing Air Damper Seals in Palo Alto

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Our company in Palo Alto offers Replacing Air Damper Seals Services near you. The seal’s wear is most often found in old fridges. But even in new technology, it can become unusable as a result of careless operation or obscene installation. Damage to the sealing gum leads to a change in the temperature regime in the fridge under the influence of warm air entering it. As a result, in order to create and maintain a set temperature, the fridge compressor will work without shutting down, which may lead to failure more quickly. A breakdown of the compressor motor will result in an expensive repair for the owner. To prevent the happening of such a serious malfunction, it’s better to take care of replacing the damaged seal in a timely manner.

Palo Alto Replacing Air Damper Seals: The order of work

If the seal is damaged, the following works are performed during replacement:

The procedure for replacing the rubber seal seems simple only at first glance. We don’t advise you to experiment on your own! Incorrect selection of the seal, fixation, leaky processing of joints or careless fastening of the door can result in hours of useless work for a layman, as a result of which problems with the presence of gaps will stay unresolved.

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